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When I was asked to write this Foreword for An Introduction to the Theology of Gilbert Keith Chesterton, I must admit that I was a bit thrilled at the prospect. If any of the readers are aware of my work and my intellectual journey through the Faith, they may be aware that I am a fan—putting it mildly—of Chesterton. In addition, as Providence would have it, I also owe Father Hesse an immense amount of gratitude for his audio recordings which were instrumental in my discovery of Catholic Tradition.

Kennedy Hall
(beginning of the foreword to the book)

Fr. Gregory HESSE (1953–2006) in his own words: “Many people have asked me: ‘Who is this Father Hesse?’ Well, Father Hesse was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1953. And Father Hesse went to Rome in 1976 to study for the priesthood. In those days, I still believed that it was possible to live within the Conciliar Church or, as John Paul II calls it, ‘the Church of the New Advent.’ I found out to the contrary later. I was ordained in Saint Peter’s Basilica, 21 November 1981, which accounts for the violet buttons and the violet sash in my dress. I’m not a Monsignor, but in 1635 the good Pope Urban VIII Barberini gave the privilege to the Basilica of Saint Peter in Rome that whosoever was ordained in that same basilica enjoyed all the privileges of a Monsignor, except the title.
In 1991, I went back to Vienna, Austria, after 15 years in Rome. I was … the private secretary to Cardinal Stickler between 1986 and 1988. In 1988, we both were retired—he because of age, me because of orthodoxy. Well, here I am. I returned to the true, authentic Catholic Church around the year 1991—when I decided to forget ‘modernisms’ and to fight them for the rest of my life.”.

The book will be available at a special price (£18) at an upcoming conference to be held in London, June 1, 2024 (follow the link):

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